Beware Louis Vuitton Handbags!

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After purchasing an "AUTHENTIC" Louis Vuitton Bag off dgkis an Ebayer, i had cause for concern as to how Cheap i got it for?£150.00 + £9.99p+p.

She would NOT accept Paypal but INSISTED on my Transferring the monies by my Bank. This i did. She ONLY then posted the "Tat" to me when she saw the money in her account!

With this, i took the bag to Louis Vuitton Store in Manchester UK and low & behold it was a "FAKE"?

Armed with this info. i contacted the "SELLER" and demanded a Refund. She would only do this IF I SENT THE BAG BACK FIRST! Obviously the trust i put in her initially, she would not reciprocate!

Alarmed at me not getting my money back, i did what she instructed. Eventually i got a FULL refund off her, and, instantly informed E,Bay about her.

Imagine my surprise when i found out she had Reported me for non Payment????? I ended up with EBay putting a STRIKE on my Account for NON PAYMENT??????    I used their complaints proceedure and PROVED my case by submitting EMAILS with dgkis telling me that the monies had been received and she was posting the Bag. The next day i found that dgkis had closed her Rubbish account. HOWEVER there is STILL a STRIKE against my account???? At present i am in talks with EBay to re-instate the original Values.

No L. Vuitton Bag carries any Serial Numbers inside the bag,on Leather or anythink else! Serial numbers are NOT VISIBLE!

NO L. Vuitton Bag contains ANY plastic cards or Business cards inside any of the internal pockets!

There are Many Fakes being sold under False headings and should you have any suspicions, GET THE ITEM VERIFIED, Inform E Bay. Contact Trading Standards, contact the POLICE.

Before this however, try and get your monies back.


Although dgkis is now in the Process of Cancelling her account there are still many more Rogue traders selling this Rubbish on E.Bay. There is also, every possibilty that dgkis could re-open an account in another guise!

Be Careful. Thanks,



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