Beware New Traders

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I purchased a dress described as 'fit for a wedding' and as only having been worn once.  It arrived, with loose stitching where it was impossible to repair invisibly.., and in an extremely bedraggled state.  It was also a lot smaller than described and simply did not fit.  I contacted the seller as u are told to and was suddenly told that they don't provide refunds if under £25 had been spent.  Nowhere on the auction did it say this!  They totally refuted my claim of damage (said it was a cheap dress.., well I don't call £17.98 for something fit for a jumble sale to be cheap!  I reported the seller to ebay as having supplied an item that was not as described, listing my reasons why.  I also started the dispute process with Paypal, waited over a week for a response from the seller and then upped the dispute to a refund claim (wasn't terribly surprised that they didn't respond to be honest lol).

Due to the lack of response, I was awarded a refund by paypal.., of £2.98.., which was hardly what I paid for the item!  Apparently that is all the trader had in their paypal account.  There seems to be nothing I can do.  I have no idea whether paypal tried further to get any money from this trader (I doubt it) so I'm afraid, it makes it clear to me that the refund guarantee given by paypal is not worth anything at all.  The seller had only made a small amount of transactions before this, so I would imagine they just ceased to trade because of the dispute.  Therefore I'd advise all buyers to check traders out and don't buy items (even if of a lower cost) from 'new' traders without being aware they have nothing to lose if u lodge a complaint.  Its easier to just open up another account than provide a refund.


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