Beware Of Fake HUSQVARNA 395xp Chainsaws

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They say a picture paints a thousand words, so to save typing, here are some pictures of genuine Husqvarna 395xp chainsaws.


Take note of the following features which help to spot the fakes

1. The cooling ducts around the pull starter housing. Note how they are shaped and spread around the housing. Compare that with this picture of a saw being adverised as a Husqvarna 395xp, but is a fake.....
......note also how the fake has a rubber blanking plate above the fuel filler cap at rear of body near handle......a genuine saw does not have this. Note also the difference in size and shape of the decal (sticker) with "Husqvarna 395xp" on the genuine saw, compared to the much smaller (and totally differently shaped) decal on the fake "395xp Husqvarna".

2. In this photo of a fake saw note how the saw shows bare aliminium of saw engine casting below the exhaust in the frontal view, then compare it with the genuine saw at top of page.

3. Sticking with the fake pictured, note that the bar has no HUSQVARNA logo or script on the bar, a genuine Husqvarna saw (new) is ALWAYS fitted with a genuine Husqvarna bar, this has the logo and a script saying Husqvarna upon it. The picture below shows a genuine Husqvarna bar from our stock

4. On many fakes they will have the Logo etc on bar, however, a dead giveaway is that these Logos are almost always in the form of vinyl graphics, a genuine bar has this painted on.............if you can peel the word Husqvarna or the Logo off, it's a fake bar 100% certain. Of course by the time you do this you will be a few hundred pounds poorer......

Also of note, many fakes display the Husqvarna shield with the "H" in a different colour, to my knowledge the bars in recent years always have script etc in only one colour. Note however, that genuine bars can have the script etc in orange or in blue paint, depending on when the bar was actually manufactured.

Again reference bars, 395xp is unlikely to be found for sale new with a bar that is not of the replaceable tip type (or possibly hard nosed). The Chinese fakes nearly always have a cheap laminated bar, the sprocket is rivetted into nose end, the end of the bar is not replaceable. Now Husqvarna do make/sell such bars (Farm Tough for example) but you are VERY unlikely to find one fitted from new on a 395XP as they are not designed to handle that sort of power. Try asking seller what the pitch of the chain, or chain type is that is fitted to the saw. Chances are they will say it's .325" or Type 21. Husqvarna 395XP is 3/8" as standard (Type 73, though a USA import could be Type 72). Bear in mind all of the above only applies to a NEW saw, a used one could have any bar fitted as a replacement at some time in it's life (though it would still be 3/8" pitch, or possibly .404"). It is technically possible, though undesirable, to fit a .325" rim sprocket to a 395XP, but as neither Husqvarna or Oregon make a .325" pitch bar to fit the D009 mount that the 395XP has, then it is impossible to find the saw NEW with such a pitch of bar, if seller says its a 20" bar with 78 links of chain, walk away, since that is .325", same if its 18" with 72 links. Fake Husqvarna are never sold (that I have yet come across) with bars bigger than 20", as that is biggest bar commonly available in .325" (from China or anywhere else). Mind you there are a few Chinese saws that are 3/8" pitch, but they are a tiny minority and usually look nothing like a Husqvarna..........

5. Notice the quite distictive "hump" for the air cleaner housing on the genuine saw here....... ..and the absence of the black securing knob in the fake shown below. A genuine saw has the air cleaner housing secured with phillips screws, a fake (usually Chinese) saw has air filter housing held on by a rotary knob........

Here is a saw frequently used as basis for fakes the counterfeiting takes place after the saw leaves the manufacturer.
This saw is a 52cc PN5200 made by Ningbo Interstar Co Ltd, a reputable Chinese factory, who are not involved in the counterfeiting of these saws.

Now it is only fair to point out that many sellers of these saws will state that they believe they may be fakes, that is fair and well, but you must be aware that these fakes are not even a good copy. A Husky 395xp is a very large 95cc saw with 7hp engine, these fakes are typically 50-52cc and at best 3hp. A REAL 395xp retails for £750-900 new, a decent Chinese saw like the PN5200 retails for £75-100...............

If it seems too good to be usually is.

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