Beware PAY-PAL

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I have used e-bay for about five years now, just buying small items from various categories in connection with my various hobbies. I have never made any money, indeed half the fun was just in the buying. I have also bought two or three cars for my own personal use and sold them too.
Now Pay-Pal says I have gone over a certain financial limit and are treating me as a Business. They demand to know, my Bank Details, which I am not prepared to give to anyone; my cards have to be verified, and I have to "confirm" my business telephone number and tell them "what proportion of my income is derived from the "business". (The least you can admit to, even though you tell them you are a private individual, is 25% of your total income!).
Pay Pal cites the EU "money laundering regulatons" as their authority for this. I CANNOT FIND ANY AUTHORITY FOR THIS AS A BLANKET RESTRICTION in the said Regulations, especially as it entirely removes the essence of "reasonableness" on which British Law is founded.
This is extremely high-handed, in my opinion. Also, bearing in mind all the additional requirements placed on businesses  over and above those of private individuals, it is of doubtful legality and could certainly be said to infringe an individuals human rights.
SO BE VERY VERY CAREFUL about using Pay-Pal, I would recommend limiting your transactions, if you are not a business, to only a few pounds. Certainly any more expensive items, such as cars, would soon push one through the limit.

Pay Pal

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