Beware! Paint Sprayer Scam!

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Here is how to avoid a paint sprayers scam.

I have just been contacted buy someone who bought a Graco sprayer off a seller. I also bought Robot vacuum item off the very same seller.

Neither of our items worked.

When we tried to return our items, the seller said "fine, just ship it to America first. I'm on holiday there".

When we bought our goods the location was listed as "SW Coast, United Kingdom". Thats why we bought such large expensive itens off him. He was local to us. But when they arrived, a month late, they were postmarked "Florida". Like the guy takes his entire stock with him on holiday!

Shipping the faulty goods back costs ten times the price we were led to believe. Whenever you ask for the shipping cost to be refunded he never replies. We are both stuck with our scrap metal.

Its a fairly obvious scam, after the event. He is passing off complete junk as working goods knowing that as the bulk of the cost is the shipping you won't be able to get a refund.  You can sell whatever junk you like on Ebay so long as you send it from far enough then lie about the location. Unless you already <i>know</i> to avoid  the seller who is  listing their items as being "SW Coast, United Kingdom" you too could end up with a large expensive piece of junk and no redress!

Ebay does nothing. The guy claims to have a UK mail drop and thats good enough for them.


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