Beware - Payments Accepted by Paypal Can B Unsafe 2

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This has happened to us twice now.... we sell an item on ebay, the listing ends and they buyer pays through paypal as normal - no problem, well you would think! Upon receipt of an email by paypal telling us that the money has cleared we then send out the items to the address provided as any good seller would. This you would expect to be the end of it, feedback is left by both parties and everyones a winner.
    Well imagine the shock when a few weeks later you look in your paypal account and find the transaction funds are bing held and reviewed,  another fews days later the transaction is reversed and your out of pocket to the tune of your selling price, ebay listing fee and also the items you sent.
    We have been selling on ebay for a few years now and his has only started to happen in the last few months and I also know fellow traders to whom the same thing has happened. The worst things is there is nothing either paypal or ebay can do - if your lucky you may get your listing fee back but thats it. you get a lovely letter form paypal telling you how to be careful, which to any seasoned trader is like telling you step by step how to suck an egg!
    To help we now look at those traders who have either no or little feedback and contact them direct, but found it can be those accounts that have'nt been used for several months even over a year ca also be suspect to. When selling 100's of items a week as we and many more do its can be hard to tell and very time consuming to look into every transaction this way.
    ALWAYS always send to the address on paypal, you only get caught out that way once. Even if the address is different from the ebay address, send to the paypal address as this is where the account was setup from and the holder should live.  Also beware of those bidders that email you and give you a story of " I have changed my email address and delivery address but doest yet show on my account.... " these can sound very true but just another way to get you to send to different addresses and so on.
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