Beware Paypal and buying spares repairs

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I recently bought a laptop on ebay the listing was for a hp nc4000 which the seller only description of fault was operating system refuses to load I snapped this up thinking an easy install. When the laptop arrived I unpacked it and just like the seller said xp would not load so i plugged in the cd drive started it again this time it completely froze.

This is when i approached the seller asking for answers and he said he had taken it to a 2 different pc doctors who told him it is an internal memory (personally I say motherboard) at this point I asked him for a partial refund for the parts to repair the laptop to description or refund minus postage and i would send it back he declined so i took it up with paypal and they decided there was nothing wrong with what the seller had done.

In my mind he has misdescribed the item on purpose to make more money and paypal have backed him up dont be fooled by feedback status this guy had 100% which i felt very bad in ruining but what choice did i have?

Anyway if buying spares repairs or no returns be very careful and ask lots of questions then if a problem does arise you have email proof if it comes to a dispute later.
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