Beware'!!!!! SanDisc Fakes'

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  Beware if you buy a SanDisc  4GB Extreme 1V  Compact Flash Card or other SanDisc Cards From Sellers with  Forieghn sounding Names from the UK. I bought 2 of these cards from 2 diferent Sellers and got Fake cards from them both. They both came the' Its my Suppliers fault ' not thiers. But it is thier's'  The Cards are very good Fakes but you can tell when they come,  SanDisc Cards come in a bubble seald package with a Proper Deluxe Rescue Disc. the Fakes will not. Also on a Proper CF Card, All the edges of the Metal looking nameplate on the front of a proper card has rounded edges, the Fakes have not.  I got my money back thanks to PayPal, but you have been warned.
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