Beware Shirts From Thailand Even With 100% Feedback

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If you do receive it, it will be fake. OK, maybe you can live with that, might even be a good fake, but you will probably not even receive it. I paid £6.99 + £6.99 postage for a shirt that I never received. Not a lot to lose, so I am thankful, but could have been more.When I contacted ebay, the guy had deregistered as an ebay user and closed his paypal account, so I couldn't even leave feedback and Paypal refused to cover the cost, as he has closed his account with them.

So, what it seems they are doing is building a decent feedback score and then screwing over as many people as they can in one go at the end, then just deregistering and reregistering a new ebay user ID.

The guy's name on the Paypal account was VUTTIPHAN LERTVORRATHAM. Don't know if this was his real name. If not, he probably uses something similar. Paypal name was vutdummy and his email address was his ebay id, so again be aware of sellers with email addresses, based in Thailand.

Paypal and ebay will do nothing to protect you against these sellers, so just do not buy football shirts from Thailand.

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