Beware Xbox 360 Elite Scam

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I'm writing this to warn other ebayers about an xbox360 elite scam.

Last friday i bidded on and won an auction for an xbox360 elite and 18 games package. I was a bit dubious from the start as the seller didn't want me to contact them through ebay , but through an email address instead. I did contact them through this email. I won the bid for £310 with free postage, but instantly they wanted an extra payment of £20 to cover postage. This was not stated anywhere on the auction page. Next they told me that they couldn't accept paypal as they were changing their credit card, which i know doesn't affect your account, and that they wanted payment through Western Union. I have never heard of this so enquired with ebay, where i found it is against ebay rules to ask for a payment through this.

I made the seller aware of this but still he wanted me to pay through Western union,even sent me a bill from them wanting an extra £36 to pay through this service. But when i was reading it carefully something caught my attention.Too many different names were popping up, I had the seller name but wanted a payment to someone in spain ( the item was being posted from Basingstoke).

My boyfriend decided to contact the seller through " contact the seller" on ebay and enquired about the xbox360. They replied quick quickly saying " sorry i think you have been had, i don't even own an xbox let alone be selling one". So thanks to this lady i was saved by getting ripped off by over £350.

The lady stated that someone has hacked into her account and was selling it. I quickly rang ebay helpline and they confirmed this and cancelled the auction for this. I even gave them the "sellers" info suc as email address and the names that had been brought up.

Just after i got off the phone to ebay i noticed i had an ebayer from the "seller" asking if i was still interested and if so to hurry up and make payment. I just responded with no, then got an message back from them being quick rude and basically stating that they were going to report me.

Since ebay took over my complaint i have not heard from them at all. I wish something more serious could be done about it but hey they are probably still free to do the same to others, so that why i warning you about it.

I was lucky this time as i didn't hand any money over but someone else out there might.

So just remember if the auction sounds too good to be true, it is. Never communicate with the seller privately, only do it through ebay. And never pay by anything other than Paypal, its the safest way. If they don't accept don't bid.

Hope that this will be good info for some ebayers out there.

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