Beware buying a mobility bargain!!!

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Is your seller registered with the BHTA? We are!
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Is your seller registered with the BHTA? We are!

Does cheap mean bargain?

When it comes to snatching a bargain, eBay is the perfect choice, however there are certainly several factors to take into consideration before parting with your money and this is vitally important when purchasing a mobility scooter, electric wheelchair or power chair.

Because of the very nature of why you are buying, safety should be absolute paramount, often you can see what looks like a real bargain but end up with an expensive white elephant. Just as when buying a motor vehicle, there are several checks that need to be carried out to determine its road worthiness. Motor vehicles fortunately have an MOT certificate and service record, buying a car without these usually means paying drastically less.

The issue with buying a mobility scooter on eBay etc is that most are sold by private sellers, and often these are inherited scooters (such as from a relative who has sadly passed away). This means the person selling often does not know the scooters history. In some cases they can even be stolen or simply have hidden issues, such as batteries that are not holding their charge or problematic steering. Mobility scooters do not need an MOT to be driven in the UK, this also means that unfortunately in some cases they are not maintained and/or carry no service records.

At Wenman Healthcare Ltd, ALL our scooters are rigorously checked and cleaned (fabric seats are steam cleaned) before being put up for sale. This includes checking the life of the battery as in some cases these can cost in excess of £200 (for a pair). You want your scooter to get you around and if the batteries are not holding a full charge, breaking down due to dead batteries mid journey could be a potential disaster. As most of our scooters are collection only from our showroom in Warwickshire, we make sure that we personally give you full instruction in how to use them (manuals and chargers where available come as standard).

In addition to the above there are practical consideration such as;

• Where do I keep the scooter?
• How do I safely store it?
• Who will I go to for a service or in the event of breakdown?
• Will it fit through my gateways and any relevant doorways?
• If I need to transport it how will I do this?
• Do I need insurance?
• Do I have accessibility onto nearby pathway?
• Do I have the physical/mental ability to drive it?

With nearly 30 years’ experience, Power Seller status and members of the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) our family run business understands the importance of providing first class products with first class service, so you can safely trust us to give you the correct information and BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM US
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