Beware do not buy from a Chinese / Hong Kong seller

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I purchased a Nintendo DS NDS Lite Console from a seller on eBay.  Cost £82.99.  I am a UK resident.

When it arrived it says in the box "not to be sold outside USA, Canada, Mexico or South America". 

Furthermore it comes with a copy of a game.  Therefore the console must have been chipped for copy games to work. Invalidating the Nintendo warranty.  He also said not to mention the game in any feedback. 

The case has been considered by Paypal and to my horror I received an email yesterday saying that the seller had not breached any of Paypal regulations. 

The seller is still selling the same products in eBay. 

Due to incidents in the past I always felt that Paypal protected me but due to this incident and other incident I believe that PayPal is making so much money from sellers from China and Hong Kong that no longer protects the consumer.

I am sure there are many more buyers out there that PayPal did not resolve their complain satisfactorily.

I will pursue this claim through traidings standards and/or any organisation that might help me, including making a court claim to PayPal.

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