Beware ebay seller Telephonelines

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Hello to all,

I bought an Ericsson Skeleton Telelephone from this seller "telephonelines" out from ebay (in his web   ) and after sending me bad quality pictures , he assured me that the telephone was superb. Finally I bought him , because previously I bought another telephone from him in ebay and everything was ok.

When I received the telephone at home it has the ebonite deck broken and awfully restored and painted with bright black paint. I asked him for a return explaining him that , in his pictures,  it was impossible to see the restored part due to its bad quality ( I think they have been retouched with photoshop to hide the restoration). He told me that he would accept if I paid the two shipping costs from his store to my house and return. I didn't accept and now I have to denounce this situation to the Police using all emails we crossed.

I had two mistakes, one believe in him since a good transaction through ebay, second didn't ask for better quality pictures

Please consider not to buy to this seller or if you do it,,  never do it out of ebay and never without paying with paypal. 

I feel completely cheated.


Good luck in your purchases. 

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