Beware excessive customs charges!

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Having bought a faulty laptop from a seller in Jersey for £46 + 18.95 shipping via Special Delivery,I thought I'd got a bit of  a bargain.However,unbeknown to myself and the seller (who has been very helpful), the Great British Rip Off  system  was grinding it's dirty,oily wheels behind the scenes.

On the expected day of delivery,a card from my friendly postman was put through my letterbox requesting (or ,rather,demanding) the sum of £20 (exactly) or else they would not deliver the item (or allow me to collect it).

So,off I storm to the sorting office with the intention of raising hell about this unexpected charge.

The guy brings out the package and plastered all over it is a label stating that there was a £12 VAT charge PLUS a charge of £8 from Royal Mail for processing it! Alas I took pity on the poor guy there (not his fault I told myself) and reluctantly coughed up the £20 (my bleedin' food money for the next few days!).

When I got home I checked Customs and Excise website and it appears that anything bought from The Channel Islands is subject to a VAT  charge if it's over a value of £35 (?).

So,buyers beware when buying from Channel Island will get stung (I think ripped off is more appropriate) by not only the Vat Man but also Royal Mail, even though you've already coughed up a significant amount for postage.

Disgusting ....another prime example of how we are getting ripped off over here.Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 

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