Beware fake Choo's Louboutin and other designer shoes

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If you are in the UK or Europe do not buy so called designer shoes such as Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin,  Manolo Blahnik or other expensive shoes from the US or Asian countries.  The customs fees are very high and if they are fake you cannot claim back the custom fees or for the expensive postage back to the original seller.  You always need proof of postage so to send back to these countries could cost up to £15.00 if you send back by international signing.  You cannot claim this back from paypal.

BEWARE of  fakes.  I have purchased over 20 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes and but about a year ago received one of the worst fakes ever.  The seller tried to get out of this by saying she never actually said Jimmy or Choo shoes in the description but had a picture of the shoes that said Jimmy Choo on the label.  There are good fakes and poor fakes, do the following.

SMELL the shoes.  All these shoes are made of genuine leather, even if the shoes are silk or satin the heels and soles are always leather. 

TEST the shoes.  Feel around the edges, they should be smooth.  The soles and heels should be very neatly within the design of the shoes.

LOOK AT THE DESIGN.  They should look outstanding even if they have been worn, they should be the best quality shoes or boots you have ever seen.  If they look like a high street brand, they are fake.   If the size is right they should feel like the most comfortable shoes you have worn.  All the top designer shoes are comfortable.      This is why have a starting price of at least of £250.00 to over £750.00 or more.

SIZE.  All of these designer shoes are at least between a half to a size smaller than the usual high street shoes.  So if you are a UK 6 or 39, you would fit into a UK 5 to 5.5, 38 to 38.5,  if they are tight or fit you perfectly for your usual size they are probably fake.

DON'T BE FOOLED.  Even if a seller has the box and dust bag they can still be fakes.  I have had buyers offer me £15.00 just for a box.  (I turned them down).  Notice there are buyers selling boxes, dustbags and carrier bags  for designer shoes and boots and people pay for these.  If someone buys these it is easier to list a pair of shoes on ebay and pass them off as designer shoes.

IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS after you have purchased a pair of these designer shoes ask the seller for more details, where they bought them, how much they cost the actual name of the design.  If you cannot find these details on the internet report them to ebay and make a claim via paypal.




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