Beware fake Geovision DVR Cards

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Geovision is a well known manufacturer of cctv cards and other related equipment, however there are a lot of 'fake' clone cards that come up for sale on ebay.

Its important to realise that these cards look almost identical to the real cards, they have the geovision markings on the chips, they have the same layout, to most people they literally look identical to the real cards.

However, looks can be deceiving, as some of the chips contain custom code written by geovision in order to stop piracy.

The pirates, who make these cards can clone everything, but they have been unable to copy the code on these chips - so the cards only work with the old geovision software (version 7.05 or below).

Even then, some of the software has to be 'patched' by the pirates in order to make it work, and reliability is an issue.

If you try to run the more recent software, it will either not work at all, or you will get black screens which go to 'video lost' after a short while, and the software will keep trying to reboot the computer. In short, its useless with the better, more recent software and patchy at best with the dodgy/patched old versions of the software.

Its also illegal - as the cards and the software are pirated.

Not only wont you have problems, but you certainly wont get any support from geovision, or even any reputable forums who wont support pirated software and cards.

How can you tell if the card is the real deal?

Firstly, a modern card should be able to run the latest version of the geovision software, v8.3 is the current version at the time of writing, if it does not support that, its either a very old card (not all cards will run the latest version) or its a clone.

Modern cards dont come with the grey/silver cd any more, so that should raise a warning flag if it does have a cd like that (or no cd).

Ask the seller what version the card will run, remind them they can ask geovision for free software updates if the card is genuine.

Real cards have a serial number on the back, and on the box, which can be checked with geovision to see if the card is genuine, if the seller refuses to tell you the card is genuine, and that there is a checkable serial number (no real reason I can think of why they should not tell you that number so you can email geovision yourself and check it) then I would walk away.

If they can take a screen shot of the card running the latest version software, all the better, but not all sellers may be will to do this, especially if they dont have equipment to install the card into.

Modern cards will have a geovision holographic sticker on them, but old cards (even genuine ones) dont, so that should only be used to tell if a modern card is genuine, and new cards should always come with a proper box (not just a grey/cardboard box) and manual.

A dodgy seller will usually only tell you the card is genuine, but will then tell you its only running v6 or v7 or the software, and they wont tell you the serial number so you can check for yourself if it is a genuine card.

If you buy a card and its not genuine you will have wasted your money.

Please also remember, that technically no cards sold on ebay are supported by geovision at all as they do not recognise ebay as a official channel for sales of their products. However, in reality a second hand *genuine* card should work fine if the card is working and can be a bargain, if you dont mind the lack of official support.

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