Beware imported indian furniture - (toxic ?) fumes

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If you have bought or are thinking of buying a piece of furniture which has recently been imported from India, please bear this in mind. We bought one such piece from a very successful ebay seller, a light mango TV unit which has a cupboard space for DVD's etc. Apart from the fact that it started to bow in the middle from the weight of the Plasma TV (we have had to prop it underneath), the inside of the cupboard is full of fumes. My husband put a bar of Toblerone in ours, and after a week it was inedible. You could actually taste the chemicals, I think from whatever finish they use on this furniture. So I assume that anything kept in this cupboard space will eventually get impregnated with this stuff and stink to high heaven. And who knows if it will affect the DVD's, CD's and videos kept in there. You might think 'Why don't you just leave the door open for a while to clear the fumes'? We tried that and the door started to bow!

Update: This is now over 2 years old and it still smells inside, and the door has bowed so much it wont close

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