Beware of Dangerous Ebay Stalkers

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EBAY is a wonderful place to find that little treasure I needed to complete my Beswick Horse collection.  I collect a variety of antiques and love to find things on EBAY.  I am a buyer.  I never had any problems until this year in January.  I bought a tiny little Beswick foal for $29.00.  That foal caused me immesuarable grief and led me to realize how dangerous EBAY shopping can be.  The horse arrived with a broken leg.  Silly me, I contact the buyer and try to get my payment back.  It started a barrage of wacko harrassments, and internet stalking.  I used paypal, which gave the stalker my personal email.  He began to send threatening and wacky emails to me. He told me he knew where I lived and was coming to California.  He researched me and my family on the internet.  He also went so far as to research my father-in-law a retired Judge, my husband, and even found out my maiden name. I wrote a negative review on his account.   I reported him to EBAY more than once.  I called them, sent them copies of his wacko and threatening scary emails.  Absolutely nothing happened.  Their advice, call the local police.  That was a dead end.  I decided to ignore him.

Two months later I receive a message from an Ebay member who read my review.  She wanted to know what my experiences were with this seller.  I told her my story.  It seems that after my problems he turned on her.  He got her phone number from EBAY (yes after I had reported him as a dangerous wacko stalker).  He began to harrass her, send her threatening emails and stalk her.  He found out where her friends live, stalked her facebook page and worse.  She is attempting to stop this all, contacting the FBI, Facebook, the local News station and any organization that will listen.  She did a background check on his name and discovered an arrest and conviction for violence against females.   In the meantime, Ebay has allowed the seller to hide his reviews.  However the bizarre review he left on my account remains.  EBAY is totally protecting him.  Ebay gives us lip service and they care only about their profits and not the innocent people that could become a violent victim.

My lesson from this

1.  Use a different EBAY name and open an account with my husbands name instead of mine.

2.  Change paypal to be more obscure in the ability to track me.  Use a new email, a name that does not resemble who I am.  Hide any personal information about me.

3.  Make my shipping address a P.O Box if possible with my husbands name.

4.  Never trust Ebay to do what is right, as they do not care about the Safety of their members. 

Hopefully no violence or deaths occur from EBAY stalkers.  It is just a powder keg waiting to explode. 

Be careful out there.


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