Beware of Ebay scam artists,especially householdgoods02

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I'm writing this to (hopefully) avoid others to be scammed like I did. Some sellers (like householdgoods02) are situated in the far east. Mail from greater parts of Asia sometimes take a LONG time to get to Europe. Sellers like householdgoods02 use this to scam buyers! As the wait for your products gets close to 45 days, you contact the seller asking where your item is. The seller (especially householdgoods02) then comes with a lot of excuses and persuade you to wait for just a few days, and then just for a few days more. Eventually you understand that the item will never show. Complaints through Ebay and Paypal are not possible 45 days after the purchase date. Seller then removes the item from Ebay. Seller will not receive negative feedback, and no action will be taken against this scam artist, just because you trusted his word. I lost £41 to householdgoods02 this way, and after the 45 days are over no one will help you get the money back. Moral is; DO NOT TRUST ANY SELLER, 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK DOESN'T MEAN THE SELLER IS TRUSTWORTHY, IT MAY JUST TELL YOU HE IS A CLEVER SCAM ARTIST!
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