Beware of Ebay sellers excessive P&P. Report it to ebay

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All buyers please be aware of ebay sellers very high  or excessive postage costs. I've been selling on ebay for over 4 yrs, My postage costs are very reasonable, sometimes less than what it normally costs. Some sellers over charged you or us on their P&P costs and that is illigal on ebay. You know why we warn you about this? Because I recently purchase a Nokia mobile phone on ebay. The postage costs is £7.99 standard sellers asking P&P. When I recieved the phone the postage actualy costs just £2.07 . Just last Feb. I bought a Nokia Bluetooth. Seller p&p is £7.95 and the post office actual postage is just £2.06. That is very clear that the seller let me pay for their paypal and ebay fees. which illigal on ebay.  I do understand about handling and packing fees! But handling and packing charges costs more than the actual postaged? That is RIPPED OFF to buyers. Anyway, after this things happen to us, I've complain to ebay. and  We contact the sellers but  No reply. All genuine buyers DO NOT PAY the sellers Ebay and Paypal fees. If you see a sellers and you think their P & P are excessive Please report them ebay.

By the way, I bought those items above because I need them, Also paid the postage thinking that the sellers will post the item to us by Special delivery Not Royalmail standard delivery services.  So buyers before you comment to buy, make sure you check the p&p. and what service they are going to use. Often sellers use the service **STANDARD SELLER RATE** Royalmail or other delivery company do NOT have standard seller rate service.


Suggestions: Do not buy from sellers who use **STANDARD SELLER RATE** postage. because you don't know what you are paying for? Unless their **STANDARD SELLER RATE** is next to nothing. Why not buy from them?

Thank you for reading this.

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