Beware of FAKE 8gb Mp3/Mp4 players sold on ebay

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Beware of fake 8gb mp3/mp4 players.

I recently bought the 8gb mp3/mp4 player on ebay, I was so excited at the compactness and the storage capacity. There was a sticker at the back that says 8gb, I was trying to put all my media files on it which is only about 3.8gb and I noticed only 1.9gb could go in, I then check it's property I was shocked only to have found out that the player was only about 2gb.


There are lots of them selling on ebay, please make necessary checks that you do not pay for a 2gb instead of 8gb. I had already ordered 10 before I knew, though when they arrived not all were 2gb but quite a number were 2gb. They all use flash memory so watch out for this. I tried to contact the seller and I found out that he has been suspended by ebay, I looked through his feedback I saw a number of negative feedbacks for similar reasons.


It is better to know what you are buying , so you may buy the ones that they listed as 2gb which will be alot cheaper and you know what you are expecting rather than to recieve 2gb instead of 8gb.

This is real, so watch out if you intending buying one.

Thank you, hope this save somebody from the same trap.


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