Beware of PayPal Buyer Protection is rubbish

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This guide is to warn you against using PayPal. I happily bought and sold items on ebay for a couple of years without any issue. You don't have any real choice if you use eBay but to use PayPal, which I thought was fine. Yes they take a hefty cut but they are providing Buyer Protection should my transaction go wrong, or so I though. Recently I paid £230 for an item and the seller turned out to be a scammer. After a fairly drawn out process in which it was fairly obvious the seller was a scammer (lots of neg feedback indicating this was the case), PayPal gave me a refund, but only £105 and they then closed the case. They've got to be taking the piss, what happened to the Buyer Protection, they're as bad as the scammer as far as I'm concerned.

When you make a purchase on eBay you have to trust the person selling you the item. I'd checked their feedback and they'd had over 100 positive feedback responses without any negative (at the time of purchase), so it looked a fairly safe bet. If you can't trust the feedback process then there must be other protection such as PayPal's buyer protection to give you the confidence to ever make a purchase on eBay, without that confidence the whole thing falls down.

I expect eBay didn't bother reporting this person to the authorities as it's probably not worth their time, so the incentive for crooks to use eBay like this must be huge. Sooner or later you will get scammed and you more than likely won't get all of your money back from PayPal.
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