Beware of Paypal/Ebay

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The long and short of it is this.


I have had a paypal account for at least 4 years and an ebay account for approx 2/3 years. I've never had a problem thus far with anything. I always buy stuff but last week I sold my laptop. The buyer paid via paypal collected the laptop 2/3 days after and that was that.


Oh but then EbayPaypal decided that the transaction had been fraudulent, so froze the funds then reversed it back to buyer. How? Why? I havent a clue all I know is I am laptop and money free and thuis not very happy. Oh but why stop there? Paypal have now decided that I owe the £800 that I lost, so my account is £800 in minus and they do not give a damn how shafted I am they want it.


Firstly why do they want it? and secondly I really don't think so, I'll fight tooth and nail on this one, we sold it because we needed the money.


Paypal are no better than insurance companies, they disgust me. Once all this is over I'll be closing down all my accounts with them and may they rot in hell.

Beware, not much 'pal' in paypal.

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