Beware of fake Bape and Billionaire Boys Club clothing.

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Hello all,
I am writing this guide, after I have noticed a massive increase in counterfeit/fake Bape and Billionaire Boys Club items on eBay lately. For those of you who don't know, Bape and Billionaire Boys Club are extremely exclusive and rare garments, made in Japan by the Bathing Ape Company.

There are a number of ways how to spot fake/counterfeit items.
Sometimes, it can be difficult to spot on ebay, with pictures, however, always check the persons feedback. Alot of Bape collectors will warn others about fake/counterfeit produtcs on the eBay market, by leaving appropriate feedback about counterfeit/fake items they have bought.

A few other ways of spotting fakes are to look at the workmanship on the hoody, once received.
Remember, Bape is an exclusive brand, that is very rare , therefore the quality of these hoodies is excellent. When you get your hoody, please check it over carefully before being happy with it.
Often, stitching on the fakes are very poor, dangling strings, poor stitiching, and jagged edges are to be looked out for. The zips on fake hoodies are also very poor quality, often the paint on the zip will already have started flaking withing a few days, it's also not common for a zip to break straight away. Genuine Bape garments are alot better in quality and will last you years. The writing on the zips is also very small, and hard to read, genuine Bape hoodies.

Coming to the hoodies themselves, fakes are easily spotted.
The colours used on fake hoodies is often too bright/saturated. The infamous Baby Milo logo should be a light orange, not a neon, bright orange/red on alot of garments. There should be 2 tags. 1 on the collar, and 1 on the cuff of 1 of the sleeves. Alot of fakes only have 1 on the collar, but be warned, some fakes also have them on the cufflink. To be sure you have a genuine article, again, check workmanship on your hoody, the writing should be easy to read, straight, and pronounced, not poor quality, and shabby.

One other major flaw in fake Bape hoodys, is "the fade factor".
As already mentioned, genuine Bape are very exclusive and top quality.
Fake Bape garments are VERY poor quality, and if you have problems spotting a fake, put it in the wash. All fake Bape's fade the first time they are washed. They fade significantly, which shows poor workmanship, not to mention the actual hoody material "bubbles" after the first wash also.

Now onto Billionaire Boys Club jeans.
Usually, these are very easily spotted, however, with a rise in the counterfeit market, it is sometimes hard to spot a fake pair from a real pair.
Again, the quality of the jeans themselves will be very poor, often the sizes of the jeans you have bought will be too big or small. For example, if you bought a paid of 32" wasit jeans, they would most likely be very tight, and more like a 28" or 30". The print on the jeans, back, and front will also be very poor. As for the Bape hoodies, the print on these jeans will also fade significantly in the wash. Also, alot of the BBC jeans will have VERY poor quality "brand boxes". This is what is found on the back of the jeans, above the belt slit, which identifies which brand the jeans are. BBC jeans ALWAYS have these "boxes, whereas alot of the fakes don't.

I hope this guide has helped, being a massive Bape and Billionaire Boys Club fan myself, I would like to spread the word on how to spot real from fake items on eBay.

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