Beware of fake Ed Hardy items!!

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As a seller of mainly Ed Hardy Items, it makes me sad at the amount of fake and counterfeight goods on here!

Spotting the fake is most of the time easy as the quality of the material does not look good and especially the beading or crystal effect on the clothing, bags etc is not even and looks out of place. the crystals should all be even and always contained within the actual picture. if you notice that these are not even and look a bit sporadic then the item is most likely fake....

Items you have to watch out for on Ebay are the hats and the clothing more so than the bags and wallets etc. Most of the scarves etc will be the genuine article but hats and tops beware.

Email the seller to ask if it is genuine, and if you get no response or an open ended answer then DO NOT BUY! its not worth the risk when you can go to the ed hardy store online or to a trusted seller and buy in confidence!

I hope this guide helps

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