Beware of fake Irmscher interior parts

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 This guide relates to my experiences with fake Irmscher inteior parts which are supposed to brighten up you dashboard layout.

 It has come to light that many of these fakes are simply original GM parts that have been spray painted in different colours to look like the silver or titanium Irmscher equivalents.

 I spotted one that I was going to buy not so long ago worded IRMSCHER STYLE TITANIUM COIN TRAY AND MATCHING GEARSTICK SURROUND, and thought that he word STYLE was a little indefinate, so I emailed the seller to confim if they were genuine Irmscher items, to be told that they were not advertised as genuine Irmscher items and were in fact advertised as Irmscher Style.

 Not very misleading is it ? Needless to say, I deleted it from my watch list and didn't bother bidding.

How to spot a fake.

Your first defence is to check the wording of the auction. If it says Vauxhall rather than Irmscher, or says the word STYLE then presume they are fakes.

Painted ones have a rippled effect just like the black Vauxhall ones. See if you can get a close look at the picture.

Some fakes also come with coloured electric window switch inserts, which is a dead giveaway as Irmscher never made coloured electric window switch inserts.

If in any doubt, contact the seller and ask them outright.


How to spot a genuine Irmscher item.

ALL genuine Irmscher part have an Irmscher stamp imprinted into them, usually at the bottom out of site.

Genuine Irmscher interior parts have a smooth finish and are finished on both sides.

Again, ask the seller. If they are genuine then it's in the sellers own interest to tell you in order to help increase the selling price.

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