Beware of fake L.A.M.B. bags!

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So, upon stumbling across my first L.A.M.B. bag, which happened to be Gwen's Small Hella Hobo in Red, I thought to myself, 'Is it REAL?'.

I embarked on a small journey to discover the truth that my bag, WAS real! I happened to be one of the few fortunate ebayers to succesfully purchase an authentic bag, which I bought second hand for £56. So, you wonder, how on earth can I tell the difference between the fake bags and the real thing! Well, it's alot easier than you think!

Firstly, look at the colour, all REAL bags are dull, not bright, it's not in the fabrics nature to be bright, and the fabric has a ripstop mechanism, it's alot tougher, you can see all the little squares.

Again, look at the LeSportsac writing along the zipper, it should be a very dark grey, so grey it almost blends in and you can't see it from a distance, IT SHOULD NOT BE WHITE! 

If it's new, look at the label, the LeSportsac lettering should be so close together they almost touch, if they have large spaces between them, they're FAKE, trust me!

One bag that is faked ALOT is the icon bag, being in many different styles, it's a little harder, but the colour icons are BRIGHT, not dark, the red should be pink, not dark red, the green should be light green not dark, and the same goes for the blue and the yellow, also, look at the gold hardware, the hardware on a fake is more brassy and harsh, whereas the real thing's hardware is a much softer gold. Also the interior lining is meant to be a light lemon, not a bright yellow.

Buyers, You WILL NOT get a real bag for for $50, AROUND £25. Thats just silly! Plus, AVOID sellers that have mutliple listings of the same bags, all NWT, even though all the bags are long sold out, and these listings will generally be way under retail price, and that folks just aint the real thing.!

Take a look at some L.A.M.B. bags in ebay shops, the retail new, at around $400 for some, but they are the REAL THING!

Avoid sellers based in Kong Kong.

Aviod listings where the seller claim that the item is 100% authentic, generally, sellers with the real thing don't feel the need to convince buyers that the bag is real! Plus, multiple bags of the same pattern placement, they are all fake! Every REAL L.A.M.B. bag is different!

So, there are a few thing needed to be taken into consideration before you buy a L.A.M.B., look for a reputable seller, one's with the suggested retail price, because the rest, unless second hand, are fake. You won't get the real thing for $50 or £25!

Look at the label, large spaces between lettering = FAKE

White LeSportsac along top of bag = FAKE

I feel so horrible when I know that these vulnerable people are bidding on these fake items without even knowing it! I just want to SCREAM at them 'Stop! It's Fake!!!!' and knowing that these sellers get away with it, thats worse!

The thing is, is may cost you more for the real deal, but isn't it worth it! So please, if you have read this article and now know of the many fakes, please don't go buy fake unless you want fake!!!

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