Beware of fake ebay traders

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BEWARE OF DODGY EMAIL OFFERS from fraudsters passing themselves off as legitimate 'eBayers'

It has come to our notice that there are some very sharp operators leeching off the back of honest eBay traders by cutting and pasting good feedback details and even company logos into their dodgy scam emails. For all intents and purposes, these emails appear like genuine eBay traders offering 'too good to be true' deals on Plasma TV's, LCD Displays and other desirable technology based gadgets. The good feedback they have stolen is intended to give them credibility in the hope that you will call their anonymous mobile number or respond to their 'hotmail' email address and part with you credit card number. Be warned YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE GOODS they are offering you.


Telltale signs that the offers are dodgy include the following:

  • The email address will invariably come from a hotmail, yahoo or other freebie email/webmail provider. Thinking they are clever, they will use a legitmate eBay store address at the front end of the email address ie., FUSION_DIGITAL @ HOTMAIL.COM
  • Any telephone contacts will almost certainly be a 'pay as you' go mobile phone numbers.


Fusion_Digital and its eBay store are part of a legitmate UK company that has proper offices, warehousing, staff and operates legally within the constarints UK and European legislation. We are contactable by TELEPHONE, EMAIL all of which are tracable through UK directories. Also, you can visit our premises in HULL during office hours.

  • We will NEVER ask you to contact us at a mobile phone number.

  • We will NEVER use a hotmail or yahoo or other freebie email address.

  • We will NEVER bombard you with junk emails offering goods that are not generally availble through our eBay Store

  • We do not sell TV's, Plasma Screens

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