Beware of scammer buyers

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This was my very first successful sale on eBay, so I was excited that I got what I thought was a great buyer of my antique watch. But the buyer (who had a UK london address) wanted me to post the watch to her son who lived in Nigeria as a birthday present, and was willing to pay the extra postage. The paypal emails came through indicating the transaction was in progress. Once I had shipped the item I had to reply to paypal with the shipment id and the funds would be released into my paypal account. The paypal emails looked very genuine, and as this was my first sale I was unsure how paypal / ebay would get the money into my account. But the Nigerian connection concerned me and I read on ebay somewhere about Nigerian scams. Also the buyer had a zero eBay rating which also concerned me. So I checked with paypal who said the emails were not from them and that it was a scam. So I wend through the process of cancelling the winning bidder. I now have an unsold watch. I had a good second bidder, but the winning bid came out of the blue at the last minute so I was not able to stop it. For new sellers ebay / paypal should provide examples of how the payment process should work to avoid unsuspecting selling falling into this scam trap. I have now updated my Site preferences to try and cutdown the number of scammer buyers, but still allow honest buyers to bid. I will be more careful in the future. It is a great shame that eBay has so many scammers operating so openly.
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