Beware of sellers with high P&P costs

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Hi All,

I've been buying & selling on ebay for nearly two years, just thought i'd share a little warning regarding sellers who sell low but hike up the p&p charges and do not mention postal insurance.

If you see an item that is cheap but notice that the p&p is high then just search harder for other related products you never know you might end up with a bargain.

If the seller is offering to post an item either recorded delivery or special delivery but at the same time is offering postal insurance don't bother buying as with those two postal services insurance is included so why pay it twice i have come sellers who offer postal insurance but send the item special delivery you assume you will be compensated straight away but that is not always the case.

Look for sellers that charge reasonable p&p costs, shop around for the item you want be patient don't buy on impulse ask the seller questions if there reasonable they will answer back within a reasonable time period if the seller does not respond to your email avoid them if their to lazy to reply to an email then they must be lazy in everything else.

Enjoy ebay as it is meant to be enjoyed lets keep the SCAMMERS out.

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