Beware of spell Sellers!

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There are many people turning to selling "Spells" at the  moment as a means of extra income. They generate more and more interest it seems due to a growing increase in the interest in Newage, spiritual and  Metahpyshical items and services.As a practicing pagan witch I have had many people aproach me asking for "services" of a metaphysical nature and several more ask me about the  reliability of online services equally.
So here are some hints and tips for all you  spell seekers  out there to avoid getting scammed..

Be VERY wary when shopping online, I cannot stress this enough- You don't know these people and will more than likely never meet them personally either. As someone with a reasonable knowledge  and practice of  this subject,  I decided to have a look here  on eBay for services offered by various individuals , just to see how easy it is for people to be fooled by fake services.. and unsurprisingly, I have found serveral mentioned services that simply are not physically possible to achieve.

So called spellcasters, one of whom I found today claiming to be "One of the most powerful spellcatsers in the world"..with "a huge success rate and unrivalled power" (Username -"witchspells") This immediately caught my eye as a very possible fraudster.. So of course I contacted him/her ( gender was not specified) with some questions  about their path, experience, proof to back up their claims , working time frame etc etc.  I waited and waited, expecting some huge essay full of credentials and claims.. But instead what did I recieve back?  An email simply full of corrupted/fake binary  code messages andnothing else. This could have been a genuine administrative issue, granted, however, given the sheer magnitude of their claims of  awesomeness.. I'd say sadly, more than likely not!

Top Spells Offered/Sought:

  • Love spells
  • Eye/hair colour change spells
  • Weightloss spells
  • Money/Job/New home Spells
  • Curses- addition or removal
The listed items above seem to be the most common, as they are generally issues that people will seek help with.

       So, why  watch out for these as possible scams ?

  • Love Spells- Firstly, love cannot be gained from a spell!, If two people are not meant to be in love, then they shouldn't be, it's sadly that simple. Many love spells require what is known as "Binding", where the practicioner will force someone to feel something for someone else, that they would  more than likely not have felt before or every have been likely to. This can obviously lead to heart ache both ends, with one person wondering if the other ever really does love them at all and the other being bound to someone they shouldn't or wouldn't normally be with.
  • Colour change spells- Often quite cheap It seems, with services being offered around 5 to 10 pounds. Beware extra wary of these as  contradictory to what hollywood would have us all believe by now with films such as "The Craft", (Great cult movie but very far fetched..) physical appearance change is not possible in such a way unless you use the good  old method of dye or coloured lenses! These "spells" work on the principle of what is known as a "Glamour", whereby a person was said to be able to temporarily ( For a few seconds/ minutes only) make part of their appearance seem altered to anyone looking at them. This is not even proven to be possible in such context, and there is no way a Glamour will actually alter one's appearance.

  • Money Spells- another tricky one. This is a bit of a grey area to be honest. Money can and should only really be obtained by those who seek it.. Seeking money on behalf of somone else is never guarenteed to work at all especially. You must also bare in mind that money does not just (scuse the pun) magickally appear from thin air, it has to come from some kind of balanced situation. For example, someone who wants £500 could well find themselves suddenly gaining a large sum  of money through inheritance- but  obviously that would come from  the loss of a loved one( An extreme example I now, but you get the idea..) whatever you ask for, bare in mind that  there has to be a balance in return.  Also, for those promising people mass amounts of money swiftly, you have to wonder, if they have this ability, surely they would chose to gain  some money this way for themselves? thus eliminating the need to sell spells to make extra money.
  • Weightloss spells-  If you find yourself turning to these spells for help, again,  ask yourself ( And of course, the practicioner more importantly) First, how much are YOU able to lose realistically? Everyone has a different physical structure, lifestyle,metabolsim etc..You have to think healthwise as well as  at what is actually acheivable for you. Then look at what is being offered as a realistic goal. Is the person saying a specific amount will be lost? would you wish to really lose 3 stone for example?? Ask if the weightloss is tailored to the individual's needs. Secondly, how long should this realistically take before you are supposed to see any noticable loss? Anyone offering drastic results  very quickly should come into question straight away.
  • Curses- This is a very fiddly area to get into with people, especially over the internet where hiding behind a computer screen is all too easy. People offering curses really are not to be trusted. This is not a good thing to get involved in  and more often than not " curse" offers are sold by screwed up individuals out to make a quick buck. Curse removal is  kind of a different kettle of fish of course, but ask yourself first, "Can this really be a curse?, or am I just having general bad luck?"  Sorry to sound patronising but we all have bad turns of events happen to us at some point right? And it's common knowledge that the human mind is very  powerful thing, so too therefore, is the power of suggestion. We can have a few spots of bad luck, become convinced we are therefore " cursed" then continue to attract this so called bad luck by subconicously  seeking it thereafter. Try and alter your situation  first by altering your mental approach to the issues.. you may wel be pleasantly surprised!
Statements to be wary of

  • People claiming to be "Black"  "White" witches,  or using words such as "Sorceror" "Wizzard"  "Warlock". Any serious practicioner knows these things do nor exist as such.
  • People claiming "Wicca" is a form of magick, new or ancient- It is of course NOT. Wicca is a Neo Pagan Nature religion of modern origin.
  • so called "hereditary" witches. So your ancestors MAY have been , most were falsely accused and even if they were witches, being a witch is not hereditary. it's something done though choice.
  • People claiming 100 % success rates guarenteed- In reality very few practicioners can guarentee results every time! And even those who possibly could cannot guarentee said results will neccessarilly be what the customer was looking for exactly.
  • Claims of helping hundreds of clients- Surely this would give each customer a less personal service as spells take time and resources.
If in doubt- ASK!!

 It's very easy to over look this fact as Metaphysical items have that certain air about them, something mysterious, mystical, unusual.. but don't forget.. You are simply buying a service, a product- even though its a spell, treat it  EXACTLY the same way as if it were say a second hand car or piece of furniture etc.. Ask questions like you would then. You wouldn't just buy a car without asking questions about it's current owner, state, reliability etc.. this fact still remains with metaphysical items and services.

Things you really want to be sure of:

  • Timing- when does the person intend to actually cast the spell? i.e How soon after payment? Then more specifially.. What time, date etc.. ( The timing and date in which a spell is cast are certainly important to it's success rate, but equally you want to know someone isn't going to take payment then leave you waiting say, a month for something you were expecting by next week..)
  • How many spells does this practiconer perfom at any one time?  Afterall, you want a PERSONAL service. Someone claiming to help  hundreds or even thousands of clients  to make themself look good, should automatically come into question because: how do they have time to make things individual and personal to each customer? How do you know they aren't using a standard template for each money spell, each job spell etc etc. This will not be suitable to each individual case. Also, spells are usually cast  per specific day with dates and times even luna phases to be carefully considered. This is not possible to do at once with say a hundred spells! If this person does work on specific dates and times etc  per each one spell, Then although you are more likely to have a personal service, you could be waiting a VERY long time for your request to be initially cast.
  • Be wary of giving out  personal details! Don't give addresses, phone numbers, bank details etc.  Be wary of offering personal information and history within your request also.   It's important that you don't allow yourself to be taken in by fluffy titles. Even so called "Genuine" practicioners etc etc.. are capable hiding behind fake titles, committing I.D fraud and theft.  For one thing, can you be sure they will actually "cast" anything, and not just take the money and leave you hanging?
  •  Don't be afraid to ask what the practicioner hopes and expects to achieve from your spell. Equally, you want to make sure they have understood what you want to achieve also. be wary of anyone who claims things like "Within ten days you will see results!" NO ONE  can put a specific time on this kind of thing so if you need a quick fix, remember- scammers will be aware that people who buy spells usually do and will sell up to that  fact no end,without actually being able to guarentee anything. 
  • Ask what the person atually practices, how long they have been practicing. May seem intrusivem but anyone serious will have a clear answer.  It will also help you to  see how not only genuine, but serious they actually are- some people have read a few books and think they know it all, but this is not the case so be careful. Some will again go for grand claims such as " I have been a white witch practicing the ancient art of Wicca for over 15 years." The amount of This is the kind of cookie cutter statement that "Practiconers" real or fake may use to catch people out, or because they genuinely have no clue what they are actually saying but just want to look good. Firstly, the ammount of time they have practiced means very little, more years doesn't mean they are neccessarilly getting it right. For one thing, as I've mentioned above, the terms used in this kind of statement are pretty inaccurate and would show this person really actually has no clue what they have actually been doing for " 15 years".
  • How does the spell come?   Is it infact cast for you? OR .. is it a "kit" full of various items and ingredients, with or without guidence/instructions  that you yourself must perform?

To be honest, there are many many services out there, but you will find that the best way to get your spell, the most personal way, where you know that your intentions have been clearly laid out, everything is cast at the right time etc.. is to write one yourself. This takes some knowledge and patience.. but it could well save you  a lot of hassle in the long run!

Also bare in mind that spells work based  on the energy of the practcioner, they are only ever supposed to be a last resort, as a catalyst to what we are attempting. say for example you want a job. You cast a spell seeking change, seeking new opportunity, seeking a specific jobm or general employment, what ever works best for you.

Thats it then right? Wrong. You still have to make the concious effort to change your situation, type up that resume, hand it out, go to interviews, look at job ads. With that in mind, how can you ever be sure someone will put in the effort  and energy into casting your spell that you would?You will still need to mke this kind of effort whether you cast the spell or someone else does on your behalf.  But, if you don't feel ready for this step yet, then practiconers can possibly help, just remember not to get caught up with fancy titles and empty promises, research, ask questions and above all, be realistic with them and yourself.

 Here are some examples of services I have found to  be wary of, offered by the following users:

maximumpe, blackandwhitemaui,sapphire_2006, emeraldrose, gifted_psychic, voodoo-witch-spells, witchspells,               a-charmed-life-for-all,  pumpkinfog, esmereldas-charms (  she is claiming to be a heredetary witch- this has no baring on a witch  as witchcraft is simply a physical practice not a bloodline..) 

These people are offering services such as lotto wins, triple weight loss, asset enhancement and  female asset enhancements,full customised makeovers, beauty,  better skin and hair, hex removal, popularity,love,luck,dream house, dream job, gaining large sums of money in 7 days, getting back an ex lover, etc etc..

** I am not saying these people or their services are false, but these are perfect examples of  the kinds of claims to be very cautious with.  All these users seems to have a degree of good feedback for example, but much of  that is from people "waiting and hoping" things will work, and or thanking  them for the initial transaction.

**With all users you find check the feedbacks, who left feedback first- buyer or seller? were there issues, what is the nature of the positive feedback, has any been written after the casting for example not simply thanks,  I hope this works... More numbers next to the feedback star don't always mean a good thing.

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