Beware smallholder2013 a Yorkshire Bully & CHARLATAN.

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"You can't publish another eBay member's contact information in online public areas. If you come across a breach of this policy, report it to us by clicking theReport link at the bottom of this page. Make sure you send a copy of the online posting or a link to the website where the member's information is published.


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PLEASE NOTE, to obey E Bay rules & the Law I have ensured there is no personal contact information within this guide!


Fed up with E Bay cheats, they lie badly in their description like  
smallholder2013 250Teal star icon for Feedback score between 100 to 499 though plenty like him sadly, 


then when you ask for a £100 (or so) refund as broken Kipor generator he sold us had missing parts and was without doubt wrongly maybe dishonestly described & scrap in reality  (not an economic repair)  they then ring your mobile up On the 17Th July 2013 AT 09.04am craftily (so there is no record-proof of what was said) also heard by 2 witnesses and Threaten you verbally (I quote from him-Mr no name-X)  "I will come down and kick-smash your f***ing head in" i was disgusted at his attitude-threats and hung up...   in Merseyside we know how to defend ourselves from Bully's like you we often see it on the TV News! lol... ASK YOURSELVES WHY WOULD AN HONEST SELLER GIVE A LEGIT BIDDER & CASH BUYER LIKE US A FALSE ADDRESS? unless he knew-believed it was a misdescribed scrapper. 

He has even been trawling the net messaging anyone I have bought from or sold to 'fishing' for information in a vain attempt to become a 'victim' and likely to relieve his own guilt.

I quote from his message "

Dear northerngirluk,

you need to learn to read STUPID, it was listed for parts as not working, as for ex auction rubbish you dont know what you talking about, you get nothing

Username later changed to smallholder2013 NICE WAY TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO HAS JUST DRIVEN 140 MILES RETURN & HANDED HIM CLOSE TO £300 eh?! he knew full well it was a burnt out pile of rubbish and has previously already researched the matter.


Seller stated the Kipor below "it works sometimes" (utter rubbish) don't mention missing components like £40 wheels etc (as E Bay say you must state missing parts and faults blemishes in your description section). He states the Lemon in photo near bottom "occasionally made power" when in fact it made Zilch power at anytime and was total scrap.  READ IT ON MY PURCHASE HISTORY! 15-07-2013


A thorough stripdown confirmed the member was being untruthful as i initially suspected when i first saw the item advertised, it had plainly visible black burnt out alternator rotor coils (which were removed cut off by myself) with nil continuity plus a toasted blown-faulty avr unit, it is physically impossible for any AC Generator to work with these defects as it cannot create any Magnetic field to act upon the Stator !  The whole battery charging system pmg unit had also been 'shot' for a long time as the magnets were loose & rusted within the minced stator coils, again  impossible he was unaware of this defect if he had been using it as he claimed. Another part often called the logic board rarely available to buy for £180 (sends all signals to the LCD display) was also blown-knackered, i spent alot of time using my electrical knowledge and was able to by pass this thankfully.

This is an AC Generator rotor unit, though this one appears (visually at least) to have good-un scorched Copper coils.

Actual E Bay case details  

Your message to the seller:

"I informed seller I am not happy with the item as it was described, and asked for a partial refund (£100) , he responded by phoning me and threatening to (i quote) "I will come down and smash-kick your (expletive) head in" so he is a bully & also a dishonest seller! He stated in listing (i quote) "geny some times stops making electric the voltage clock jumps up and down when this happens it makes electric fine" this is completely false as he well knows, it makes Nil power at any time even if left running for 2 hours as i did. He also wrongly said it starts "first turn of the key", also false as Generator had failed and is still locked in 'faulty safe shut down mode', he used a jump wire to activate the fuel pump solenoid to by pass this feature as is none starter & none runner."

E Bay Customer support said TODAY 25-07-2013.

 "Since that you have paid the item through direct payment, I would like to advise you to continue communicating with your seller in everyway you can (NO THANK YOU)  In most cases, issues are resolved through a friendly conversation over the phone. You can request for your trading partner’s contact information online".


Here’s how you can request for the seller’s information:


Often they even change their usernames to mask their past activities this guy did, but it updates on all E Bay feedback etc automatically UNLUCKY will have to use your spare accounts!

Unfortunately Pay Pal was giving us problems (needed card detail updating)  so we paid cash DON'T DO THIS FOLKS! as you have nil buyer protection and you stand to get ripped off badly as we were, WE COULD HAVE GOT SOME OR EVEN ALL OUR MONEY BACK IF WE HAD PAID VIA PAYPAL Ebay have told us already.

"We're sorry to hear that there's a problem with your purchase. Unfortunately, this item is not eligible for a refund through eBay Buyer Protection, because the payment method isn't eligible"


I would suggest if you win an item anywhere in the West Yorkshire area (as he has several accounts) check it is not  the same chap, if the property has a lockable gate (coming off road onto his Acres of land beware!)  THE ADDRESS HE GAVE US IS FALSE in Sharlston Wakefield (that doesn't even exist on Google maps or RAC route planner Database).

Not the first time he has had problems 2 Negatives our Negative feedback removed and items not sent out as here


Negative feedback rating 3 weeks no contact,phone calls,messages,emails still no reply 10-Mar-13 23:12
  -- -- Private
Negative feedback rating 3 weeks no calls,emails,messages.even ebay cant contact 10-Mar-13 23:09


Neutral feedback rating Item never reached us, dissappointed Buyer: 
No longer a registered user
15-Dec-10 02:25
  LPG PARRY PIE WARMER (#260694963021) GBP 206.00  

I can (somehow) visualise this guy years ago as one of Margaret Thatchers over paid Storm troopers, in identity hiding flameproof  overalls with helmets smashing striking skint Miners heads in with night sticks truncheons torches knuckle dusters etc and laughing about it with his mates back in the van, but maybe that's just me being really over imaginative & silly....or intuitive.


£274.86 for scrap! certainly uneconomical!









Hardly any wonder so many have given up on Flea Bay there are so many looking around to fleece good natured  buyers all over the place, in Leeds and other places in Yorkshire there are many Trade & Farm Auctions where scrap items like this Kipor can be bought for £20-£30, all they are really worth in reality, I once bought a Petter AA1 small generator off some great natured hill sheep farmers again in Yorkshire, who honestly told me they paid £6 for it at auction, his son had taken it apart & messed it up but told me 'straight up' when i picked it up, just shows some up Yorkshire are good-genuine folk, that genny now 'lives' in Hyde Greater  Manchester.




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