Beware the 'Ben 10' Fake Toys

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If you're reading this the chances are that your child is giving you some serious grief about getting these characters, and that you've also noticed just how monumentally expensive the blasted things are. So, like me you're hoping for an ebay bargain.

Fair enough, but beware, bargain does not always equate with safe or even accurate or official because unfortuantely the dangerous fakes have started to appear, at least with the larger 6" figures.

They appear to be coming from Hong Kong mainly (no shock there) but what might be shocking is the sheer bad quality of these toys. Case in point Wildmutt.

Take a look at the listings, you'll find plenty of these 'rare' items available. Problem is not all of them are as they seem. The most nasty razor edged Wildmutts are easily identified in the pictures, Wildmutt has a shoulder pad on it's (he's) left shoulder, the fakes ones have it on the right. Check the picture, if it's on the wrong shoulder, its a fake.

The real figures arms are fully articulated, the fake has fixed arms.

The arms are the biggest giveaway with the rest of the figures, if they aren't articulated, they aren't real.

Now, one final note this guide shouldn't be a blanket condemnation of Hong Kong sellers, some of whom are decent and honest, but just be careful and double check the listings and compare products. There are bargains, but there are also nasty cheap and dangerous fakes - which do you want your child to have?
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