Beware the big boy traders.

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I recently purchased an item from a SatNav high profile seller.  As soon as I won the item I paid for it and sat back waiting for it's arrival.    The item failed to arrive.  Two weeks elapsed and still no sign of my purchase or any information or news from the seller. 

 In the mean time, I wrote to the seller telling him that the items had failed to arrived.  The seller did not respond to my letters.  I again wrote and still no response except a note telling me that the item was obviously lost in the post and giving me details of how the check this out.  I wrote back,  stating that I did not consider it was my responsibility to check the failure of this purchase to arrive, as I had no postage information on which to base an enquiry.  Therefore, I would expected him to check this out and then to write back to me with the information. 

The whole attitude of this company was high handed and very unsatisfactory also unprofessional. This in general, is unusual from an ebay seller in my experience.  I've been dealing with ebay for some time now and  have always find the majority of people to be very responsive honest and fair, especially with their communications.  However, this particular seller was both unresponsive, unhelpful and extremely rude. 

I went into his site once again and decided because of his attitude and  failure to respond together with his unhelpfulness I would do a little research by simply looking at his feedback over the last few weeks and months of trading.  I noticed there were many negative feedbacks on his site.  I contacted a few of  the buyer who had left the negative feedback to ask what they had experience with this seller and why they had left him negative feedback.  I received some very interesting information and replies.   One  person in particular said that he had great problems with this high profile seller and the problem was in his opinion, that these high profile bods  obviously sold such huge quantities of merchandise on ebay that they not longer worried or care when things went wrong, unlike the smaller traders.  It seemed that this one trader also didn't worry about negative feedback either, as it seemed not to impact to any degree or extent on his business.  He was still selling huge amounts of  merchandise.

I set up a dispute with this trader, as I was determined to get either the two items I had ordered from him or my money returned.  After going to the trouble of setting up the dispute the items did arrived a few days later.  I left him negative feedback.  However I endeavoured to be fair  saying that I had had problems, but that the items had eventually arrived and I was satisfied with both items and that they were of good quality.   He, then left me very negative feedback saying he could not recommend me, the cheeky sod!

You see when you deal  with some of these big  sellers they  seem to place little importance or to worry about giving the purchaser good service, so be very aware of this.  It doesn't happen often thank goodness, but be very aware, that sometime it does and when it does, you are definitely on your own in dealing with the problem.  It takes time and a lot of research to get to the bottom of the situation and like me, you could end up with  negative feedback on you page.  Mind you, I was lucky, in that I did eventually get my goods, so it could have been worse.

In all this, I have to say ebay did try to respond and give me information but in the final analysis, they could do very little to help me, especially to get me a satisfactory outcome to the disgraceful behaviour of this seller. They are only the middle man it seems and their teeth are not big enough to deal with these large sellers, who also lets face it, make them a great deal of money.  So as I say beware!
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