Beware when selling on e-bay

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I recently sold a cooker on e-bay, when I removed the cooker it was in perfect working order and we only changed because it was not fan assissted, the person who bid and bought it did not come and view before bidding, as everyone knows this is an online auction and if you are bidding to buy not to VIEW, CHECK or TRIAL the product. The pick up was OK and the couple seemed fine chatting away and took the cooker home, bearing in mind they put it in the boot of a car,not even a van to pick it up, I then left pos feedback as what was the point in waiting as I was confident the cooker was in good order when listing and as e-bay now as a seller you are now not allowed to leave negative for a buyer, after 4 days I had message saying that they would not leave feedback yet as they wanted to try making cakes, On the 5th day had texts sent to my phone saying that they were not happy, anyway to cut a long story short these people went on to leave negative feedback on my account, this is fine everyone entitled to their own opinion, yet the thing that bothers me is that they then went on to write a review about the product on their account but did not say anything about the performance of the cooker but basically was an extension of neg feedback basically stating that the cooker was dirty etc, I rang e-bay asking for this review to be removed and as of now it has still been allowed to stay. They buyers say the photos looked fine but it needed cleaned and was marked etc, I suggest the marks were probably made when they threw it in the back of the boot and camera cant lie, the pics were there and so was the option to view before bidding. Another indescrepency in the feedback they left states they didnt turn it on for five days so they didnt know it was broke, funny that I got message saying they had cooked in it on Sunday anyway that must have slipped their mind. The morale of the story, sellers beware if you get anyone buying from yourself and is far from nice you cannot even leave a negative yet they can abuse the review guides by writing a extended negative feedback, yet as a buyer you have not enough words to follow up the feedback left to get your point across, I would think twice about selling on e-bay again, although never had any problems before and everthing else I have sold has been given positive as I do not rip people off but because of this will be reluctant to sell on e-bay again.

Well here is an update, the people in question have now gone on to leave feedback on my feedback I had left them which was positive, stating that they have tried for a week to buy an element and cannot get one, I did not believe this for one moment and rang my local shop and suprise suprise they can get me one in 2 days at cost of £16 -£21 so much for trying for a week, as they were so intent on again following up with negative I asked e-bay that it was beginning to get personal as it had now been over a week and want something done, took ages to get onto customer services and then no help at all, app. a buyer can slag you off and get very personal in my opinion but you as a seller cannot even leave a negative feedback and lets be honest when you are checking a member you always look to see if there is any negative first, so even though the people in question turned out to be rude people you are not allowed to highlight this, so why was the option of a seller leaving a negative removed, does E-Bay think the buyer is always right?? All I know now is that if this is customer service and satisfaction I no longer want to be a member of this community anymore, so after applying to close my account found I am not even allowed to do this even though all my e-bay fees are paid to date, you have to wait if you recently used your account.

I am not a vindictive or nasty person and would not normally go to the lengths of writing this review but to be quite honest how is a seller going to be able to clear their name or get their side of the story across and in my opinion if they are allowed to write neg reviews then what works for one works for the other.

Reviews are not supposed to promote hate or will be removed in my opinion what the other person has put generates hate as it is not a review, and although one may wonder am I not doing the same the answer is NO! mine aint a review it is a guide on what could happen when you sell on e-bay.

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