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Today I’m Going To Show With You A Way Unscrupulous People Are Using Blogs To Generate Income From Google Advertising And In The Process Damage The Reputation Of Decent People...

You may have heard of a program from Google called AdSense. It’s a way that people can have other people’s Google ads appear on their website or blog. When people click on the ads from their website, they are sent to the other persons website and Google pay you a referral fee.

Well sadly people are now using this strategy to bring down the name of honest hard working people and bouncing off their good name and using fear and scare tactics to make money with online advertising.

Here’s how it works:

People write a blog about a person or a company like Bidding Buzz and say things like...Bidding Buzz Scam, Bidding Buzz Complaints...and then write a review on them. These blogs and the people who write them don't care if what they write is the truth or not, they simply write it knowing that their key words will be found in the search engines like Google.

This then attracts people to their blog and they then hope to make money from unknowing people who then click on the advertising links there and they make money. Meanwhile they've given the person looking at the website the wrong impression and possibly ruined their individual opportunity to make their own successful eBay business.

Don't be fooled by these types of websites as they are just peddling fear and uncertainty to make a quick buck. If you have any questions or concerns go to the source and have your questions answered. But do not believe let your life choices be determined by these people who do not care about your future or you at all.

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