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Just because the seller says an item will fit another model of computer, car or in fact anything, ask for the model number or serial number of that item.  Car parts have numbers on them, so do PC’s Mac’s and laptops – Dell, Toshiba and IBM all have serial number search facilities on there websites, with cars ask the dealers about the number and will it fit your year and make of car, Audi have been so helpful over the years with me and now we have ETKA to refer to.  Look at the item you are replacing if it is not the same – RUN AWAY - well maybe not, but don’t bid.

We all (well a hell of a lot of eBay heads) use Broadband, so use the internet to research, Google is very good for general everyday searches, also AltaVista’s good for a more technical answer and of course not to leave them out Ask.  Don’t take the sellers word for it, do your own research, the internet is the best research ever tool invented.

Make sure you read and understand ALL of the postage areas from the seller, if you reside in the USA don’t use UK only postage as the seller will request more money from you via a paypal payment request, if it states N/A it means not available/applicable as it would be too expensive for us to send the item, but if you really want the item ask us for a postal quote and we will give you one, if you can find a courier cheaper, please get them to pick the item up from us – plus a small charge for packaging.

Some eBay sellers make a lot of money from their postal charges.  How a box 12” x  4” x  3” weighing 200g cost £10 for first class NON recorded delivery??  We would charge £4.29 for recorded, signed for – and that includes the boxes we buy! We only use weights plus a small amount for packaging.  If after we weigh the item and it would be cheaper to send by Courier (Citylink for us) we would pass this saving on to the buyer - hey - we could charge Royal Mail prices and then send it by Citylink making us an extra £3 per item…  mmmmm 100 items at £3 – you can do the maths on that!!!  NOT FAIR!!!

If you’re going to use eBay..  And I can’t stress this any stronger… use ONLY paypal… unless you have had dealings with the eBay seller before AND you are satisfied with their service.  If you do have to pick the item up, i.e. for a car or big piece of furniture ONLY take a deposit, if you have asked the question before the seller should be OK with this, if they are not, but it is too good to be true then you ARE going to get ripped off. Only pick the item up from the eBayer's registered address, you can find this out by requesting a member search from eBay.

Have fun bidding and using eBay APUK.   



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