Bidding On Mystery Envelopes & Mystery Box Auctions

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Mystery Box and Mystery Envelope auctions are permitted by eBay, in my opinion they are almost all-fraudulent auctions because the seller can manipulate the box contents to make sure it is never a good deal for the buyer.

Mystery auctions are supposed to be a bit of fun, the excitement of not knowing what you have won.

But what you need to be aware of is the description and wording of these auctions, read them very carefully if you are tempted to bid.

Check the feedback of other participants, any Negs or feedback less than 98% do your homework and check what they were for.

Mystery Envelope auctions offer cash prizes of an undisclosed amount to auction winners.

The mystery might be just an empty box or envelope.

Remember you can’t report them or file a significantly not as described if you bid £5.00 and only get a box or envelope with a £0.01p taped in it.

As mentioned these auctions are totally legit and are permitted by eBay, enter the names of either style of auction into the search box and on average 150-200 listings will appear.

Why do people bid?

Is it because you think you’re going to get more than what you have bid?

The seller is not going to part with more than his highest bid? Like any business they’re out to make as much profit as possible.

The auction winner usually receives from 10% to 30% of the money they paid for the auction back in 'winnings'.

Mystery Envelope auctions are considered by many to be illegal lotteries.


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