Big Wings: The Largest Aeroplanes Ever Built by Philip Kaplin

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While I was searching for something a bit different for my grandson's 11th birthday I came across this amazing book. I would say it's one of kind. The author has a understanding of his subject which brings some unusual insights into the technology behind these 'one of a kind' aircraft. 
As the title of the book says it is about 'Big Winged' planes, specifically large planes that have left their mark on history. Wonderful planes such as flying- boats, Jumbo Jets, Airbus and the supersonic Concorde ( sadly put to bed before it's time to my mind).
My grandson loves books with loads of facts in and this book fits the bill wonderfully. It has fantastic photos as well as lots of detail on each plane. He says his favourite part in the book is where a pilot of a Hurricane describes what it was like flying the plane during WW11.
I'm really pleased with this book, the large number of pages leave plenty of room for all the wonderful information and it's suitable for any age group. 
It's definitely a book that you can keep going back to, plane by plane or chapter by chapter. I'm sure my grandson will keep this as a referennce book for many years to come. 
I believe this book would be a very welcome gift for any aircraft enthusiast. 

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