Bike Parts and Accessories - AVOID THE SCAMS!

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I use eBay to run my motorbike spares business and I get tired seeing other users getting ripped off by unscrupulous sellers.  There is at least one individual I see operating on ebay frequently.  He sets up or hijacks a username, the current one being all-bike-parts, then sells lots of high value parts.  No one ever receives their items and when the account is closed down by ebay, he moves on to a new one.  His account feedback usually has a few bike related items to put your mind at ease.

Tips to avoid getting ripped off:

  • Too good to be true?  Then it usually is.  Ebay is great for bargains but be realistic.  Someone selling new Ohlins shocks at half price is either mad or a crook.
  • Seller has multiple listings of the same thing, usually rare items.  Such as 5+ sets of AP racing calipers.
  • No local pickup allowed.  Usually a sign they dont have it!  If they say you can pick up the item AFTER you have paid with paypal, then its probably a con.
  • Item pictures all have different backgrounds.  A sure sign the pictures have been copied off the internet.  Most sellers take their photos in the same place, ie workshop or garage floor.
  • Try running a completed item search on ebay and you might just find the item for sale has already recently been sold by another user. 
  • Ask specific questions about the item and see what the response is.
  • If in doubt USE PAYPAL and check on the listing to see how much you are covered for.  It will take awhile but you will get your money back.

Hope this helps!

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