Bike Scams

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I recently enquired, via e-mail, about a GSX-R750 which I saw advertised in MCN.  After a couple of days, the seller had replied.  The e-mail I recieved was pretty much one long sentence, stretching over half the screen.  The seller informed me, in very bad English, that he had taken the bike abroad and that once I had sent the money to him via Western Union, he would ship the bike to me (from Italy) in two days.  I would then be allowed a trial period of two weeks with the bike, and if I wasn't happy I could send the bike back.  Apparently, the shipping would again, take only two days.  The seller very kindly offered to pay for all the shipping expenses and return all of my money (via Western Union), if I wasn't happy.

This sounds VERY VERY far fetched to me.  I just hope that no-one out there falls victim to one of these scam artists.  Fortunately for me, the one I was involved with wasn't very good at his job.

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