Bike buying guide.

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There are rules to follow when you buy any motorbike , weather of ebay, private deal, or even of a friend.

  • Never buy a Bike without looking and inspecting it in daylight and if possable at the sellers home.
  •  Check all paper work corissponds with all stamps and engine no's on bike
  • Always check oil to make shaw that firstly there is oil in engine and gearbox.
  •  Check chain for slackness and wear on sprocket also check grease on chain (any rust on chain is evedence of poor maintainance) if belt drive check for tention and any fraying on belt edge.
  •  If spoked wheels check for loose/missing spokes.
  • Check forks for leaky seals and rust pits on sliding parts.
  • Check brake disks for uneven braking , run a finger up disk to feel for  uneven surface.
  • Check exhaust for any holes . ( a holed exhaust can be V.costly to replace.)
  •  Check for corrotion on battery terminals (Bad maintainance )
  • Run your hand under the engine for any wet oil.
  •  Check all seals are oil tight. No cracks in caseings
  •  Check out any corrotion on welds on frame , cracks and rust on frame
  • If possible take out plugs to make shaw all cylinders are fireing the same . Plugs should not be to dark (running to rich) or very light (running lean )  Same applys to the colour at the end of exhaust....carbs need ajusting
  • Check tyers want some tread to keep you upright.
  • Check for "Road rash" on pegs ,end of handlebars , indecators, brake and clutch leavers. Might indecate the bike has been dropped.
  • Brake and clutch leavers should move smoothly without any "crunchy" movement. but also should not be to sloppy.
  • When the bike is started ,running and of choke ,blip the throttle and check for smoke out of exhausts. might indecate worn rings.
  •  Check for any "tinging " noise or "tapping" noise ( ie ticky tappets esp on older push rod Harleys ) ajustment needed.
  •  If the seller dosent like you checking the bike in detail ......DONT BUY IT! ..walk away...there will always be another one .
  • Lastly ........dont let your heart rule your commen sence.
  • It might be "just the bike" you have longed for but if you dont do common sence checks your wallet will get hurt.!!
  • Always , always ,what ever bike you buy .....make shaw you can put at least 3/4 off your foot on the floor when you sit on the bike .If you are on tiptoes  the seat height is to tall and somewere along the line you and your bike will fall over





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