Bike scam from the states

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Hi All ebayers

I have been reading some of the scams that are happening at ebay, I am sorry to say that it is not just ebay this is happening to, I had a 535 virago which I advertised on the virago star owners club, I was contacted by a guy in the states who informed me that he was an agent working on behalf of a client who was looking for a 535 and my bike suited and fitted all the criteria, a price was set with a list of instructions that had to be adeared to, true to his word there was a cheque for £6000, more than double the asking price, the deal was to take my money for the price of the bike from that amount, then send the remander via western union to a PO box in the netherlands, there was a list of who does what where when and how, it was all well planned, I paid the cheque into my bank account and informed the agent as to the state of play so far, he then became a bit aggressive when I told him that my bank normally takes 10 working days to clear a cheque, all correspondence was done by the web, my bank informed me after about 5 days  that the cheque had not been cashed, I ask why that was, then was invited into the bank by the banks fraud team, the cheque was stolen from a company in sussex, I was being investigated now, I sent this unstavery person a few emails but has never replied, what a surprise, what I did do is keep all emails that was exchanged between us and submitted them to the fraud team and the case against me was closed, all the time this was taking, I was turning away genuine sales from honest people, I did report this to the police but they where not interested because no money changed hands, even that a stolen cheque had been used. DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT BY THESE SCAMMERS, hope this helps at least one person.

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