Bimini Fritz Lampl Glass

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I am prompted to write this guide in order that buyers of the Art Deco genre of glassware known loosely as" Bimini" know what they should be getting when acquiring it,particularly regarding sets of glassware.

Bimini glass is a very light blown glass manufactured at the Werkstatte factory/studios of Fritz Lampl in Austria.....not Germany as is often misquoted.

Also Bimini is not Lauscha...Lauscha is completely different and more to do with glass christmas tree baubles.It irks me to see Lampl's fine work denegrated in this manner through misdescription.

Lampl was an artist producing fine blown art glass of quality.

The most prized objects are the liqeuer/cocktail decanter sets,featuring figural stems of birds,animals,mermaids,and the more sought after nude dancers.All sets were made in a variety of colours and some small change in styles but basically the theme was figural stems with a figural feature inside the decanter.

A word if caution here,all Lampl decanters of the liquer set genre came with stoppers,no exceptions.

If a set is being sold as complete and the decanter does not have a stopper,then it is not complete.I have seen too many examples of alleged sets being sold as complete in this way,and often the "metric set" with 5 glasses,ie one missing,or even two glasses.There were six glasses always.

Matched sets also appear,where the glass is slightly differently toned for each piece,again this should be sold as matched,the elements being made up from various sets.And these should never be misdescribed as being "original".from a buyer's perspective all these things affect value,and should dictate what you are prepared to pay.A completely original perfect set of nude dancers should fetch atround 550USD at the retail end of the market or  350 to 450 USD auction.depending on theme ,condition and quality.This being the current market rate for 2010.

Any bits of these sets missing,scale down the value considerably from those levels.

Happy hunting....and enjoy these wonderful artistic objects of great delicacy and skill in making.

Oh,instead of just looking at them,you can enjoy the odd liquer from them too..........

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