Black Zune V1 30gb

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I have owned the MS Zune 30gb since December 2006. I want to make one thing straight before continuing with the review. I would not ever sell my Zune for anyone device on the market!

Ok what I am going to do is break down the Zune into sections.

Original Packaging:

Sorry but was I the only one amazed by the original packaging the Zune came with. Everything fitted so perfectly into the small little box, which I still have today. The box kept me entertained for about 5 minutes, only because I was trying to work out how they got everything in!

The Colour:

When I ordered my Zune from the US, I order two, a black and white Zune. Black model for myself and the white for my partner. One of the reasons I choose black was I did not want the boring old white colour MP3 player that Ipod had been crushing the market with and as for the brown model, to be honest I was just too scared to be the only person in my region of Scotland with abnormal colour of MP3 player. The Zune brought enough attention being a unknown device in the UK without the noticable brown colour.
I rather surprised at how nice the white version was but still wouldn't change mine. It's just that blue tint around the front sides that makes it even more appealing.

The Size:

At the moment 30gb seems to be exactly what I need, I have never used up all the memory. If I every do decide to get a larger spaced MP3 player then I would certainly move on the new models of the Zune. There is not much I can say about the space other than I am perfectly happy.

The Wi-fi:

When I first got the zune the Wi-fi had no purpose as my partner had basically the same music I had. It was only when Microsoft released the patch to allow the Zune to syncronize wirelessly with the software did it become more beneficial. Although I don't normally do this as I prefer to let my Zune charge and syncronize at the same time.

The Function:

As we all know depending on how much time Microsoft take to plan a development certainly shows in the long term. I have had absolutely no issues with the Zune. I love it to bits. The controls are easy, the interface is easy and the sound is perfect, what more could you want from an MP3 Player?
Another thing we are aware of what Microsoft do is send out a lot of updates. Some people dislike Microsoft for this but I thoroughly enjoy new aspects being added to the Zune.
If you are looking for a change in the standard MP3 Players being sold in the UK, then the Zune is for you!

The Software:

This is the only aspect that lets the Zune down. Some of my CD's think they are another band such as my Hoobastank albums think they are HED (PE), tried to sort it but the software refuses to allow me to edit the details so unfortunately I'll have to skip a few CD's in my collection.
I do like the layout of the software but if it had just used the same coding as Media Player then I probably wouldn't be having this issue.
Last but not least, the Market Place section of the software is still not available for UK users, thats been nearly a year and a half?
You think they have forgotten us?

My Summary:

Get a Zune as it is a fantastic device but just hope a Third Party Software comes out soon!
As I have said I will not being changing my Zune anytime soon!!

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