Black and White vs. Colour Polaroid Film

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Black and White vs. Colour Polaroid Film

Instant photography allows users to snap their photos and then watch as the photos develop right before their eyes. Although the picture quality is certainly not stellar, the images often have a vintage look that appeals to many Polaroid camera users and collectors. Polaroid first introduced instant cameras in the 1960s, and the cameras operate with both black and white and colour Polaroid film.


Black and White Polaroid Film Creates Timeless Photos

Because original film was black and white, it creates a particularly nostalgic feeling that reminds people of a simpler time. A colour image of a small girl sitting on a fence post is probably only meaningful to her parents, but a black and white version turns the photo into something intriguing that makes the viewer want to know more about the little girl. Just about any scene becomes a 'vintage' version when snapped in black and white. Black and white film also gives users the opportunity to recreate past photos with 'children' who are now adults.


Black and White Polaroid Film Is Simple

Taking photos with colour film requires a lot of thought and planning when adjusting the lighting and other elements for the photos. Those issues are much less relevant with black and white Polaroid film. The film allows the photographer to really focus on the scene or subject rather than the colours. The use of a vintage Polaroid camera also takes the photographer back to the very basics of photography. Without the distraction of colour, it is easier to perfect the focus and sharpness.


Colour Polaroid Film Provides Detail

The ability to see the colours in a photograph allows photographers to capture far more details than they could ever capture with black and white film. For example, a beach scene filled with happy families and dogs playing on the beach might look great in black and white, but then the colourful rainbow in the sky would go completely unnoticed. Some things simply go hand-in-hand with colour.


Colour Polaroid Film Is Dramatic

The ability to focus the camera on particular bold colours allows the photographer to capture more dramatic photos. A photo of a homeless woman sitting alone in a dark alley captures the essence of human suffering by itself, but the red scarf wrapped tightly around her neck adds a dramatic edge to the image that is not apparent in black and white. A Polaroid camera with colour film allows photographers to focus viewers on particular aspects of photos.

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