Black water teabags

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Fairly new to the market these black water tea bags save all the messing of using Almond leaves or peat.

Produced in the far East these are ideal especially when hatching and rearing Killifish.

Other beneficial use of Black water include:

• act as a tonic
• enhance fertility
• reduce water pH
• anti-fungal properties
• anti-bacterial properties
• promote vibrant colorations
• help reduce the number of water change in your fish containers from twice a week to
   once a week.

just put a teabag in a jug add a litre of hot water leave overnight.

then bottle up and store in the fridge for upto three weeks.

these also act as an antibacterial solution.

I also use the solution with my piranhas.

If hatching killifish add to hatchery to help prevent eggs from bacterial infection,then add to rearing tank

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