BlackBerry 8800 - Review

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BlackBerry 8800

Having been a user of BlackBerry since the early models and having recently traded my very battered BlackBerry 8700 for a very slick BlackBerry 8800, I thought I'd just put pen to paper on my experiences to date with this wonderful all-in-one smartphone. Whilst being sold on the functionality of BlackBerry for quite some time, one of the small frustrations with the older models, has always been poor navigation...far less than intuitive. However, it has to be said that the BlackBerry 8800 (& likewise, the BlackBerry Pearl) has overcome this past challenge, with a near perfect navigation experience via a very easy to use clickable track-ball. Navigating the vast functionality of the BlackBerry 8800 is now a walk in the park and within minutes, you realise just how intuitive this latest devise is.

In addition to the track-ball navigation, the BlackBerry 8800 also has the benefit of dedicated end and start call buttons (a massive improvement on the older models) and two other dedicated navigation buttons, resulting in a far more efficient experience.

As far as looks are concerned, this is a phone to be proud of - sleek black and silver, with very high quality case, buttons and screen - a tremendous move forward from the BlackBerry 8700g, which my daughter referred to as Dad's mobile phone calculator!

And the BlackBerry 8800 is absolutely packed with 'gadgets' - a very impressive media player, highly functional speaker phone, GPS / Sat Nav functionality (great fun to play with), along with all the usual BlackBerry bells and whistles - email, web browser, diary, contacts, memo's, tasks...all of which very easily sync with Outlook and other email clients.

The screen on the BlackBerry 8800 is very large and of very high quality and in combination with the media player, gives a lot of scope. I have already transferred a whole feature film (The Matrix) on to this latest BlackBerry (using dedicated software) and have been delighted with the quality of the film watched on this screen - amazing really and especially when I have read that this device will hold several films, loads of images & MP3 music files...if they are all optimised correctly.

So, overall the BlackBerry 8800 gets a very solid thumbs-up from me. I've had it just a few days and already, I am very attached. This is a highly functional, labour saving smartphone to be proud of and all that you are left wondering is...what will they bring out next!?

And whilst this might be one of the latest & dearest BlackBerry models, it's great to see that there are already a great many bargain's within the eBay listings. See: BlackBerry 8800 & grab youself a BlackBerry upgrade or perhaps your first bargain prices.


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