Blackberry Protect: The Quintessential Blackberry App.

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For those who've already stumbled upon this masterpiece of ingenious software, you will already know how fantastically simple it is to achieve peace of mind about the ever-possible sinking feeling of "where has my phone gone".  But for those of you who haven't, Blackberry protect is quite honestly, inspired.  It allows real-time tracking of your phones where-abouts via GPS, makes it possible to locate your handset with a loud 'ring' (to find out which one of the sofa cushions it's under), allows you to remotely display a message on-screen for whoever may find it and ofcourse if all else fails, you can lock and wipe the contents of your phone whilst keeping a back-up of everything thats important.  So any would-be finders-keepers-types will find no benefit in hanging on to your phone.

This app;ication should be on every Blackberry, it should come pre-loaded, it's that simple!  Here at BBtrading we would even go as far as to say this app should reward its users with a reduction in their handheld's insurance policies as it clearly reduces the 'risk factor' in losing a phone.  To get your hands on this you could download it to your PC from and then go through the motions of transferring it over to your phone...  or... if you're not data restricted and don't live in the stone age of mobile phones still, then we'd suggest getting yourself up and running in no time by going through BB AppWorld.  Once you've installed and given the application the necessary permissions, (this is a RIM app so should be no worries in doing this), you can then head to and log in using your Blackberry ID and password.  This is the email address and password you use when you are asked to sign in to download an app in AppWorld.  Once you've logged in you may need to create some settings but go through the motions.  Still with us?  

This is where the fun begins.  Select 'View Current Location' and a map appears allowing you to see the where your Blackberry is hiding to within a matter of metres (depending on availability of satellites and signal strength).  When we tested it out we had it down to within 5 metres and were pretty impressed at it's speed and accuracy.  Think of the reassurance this gives you as a consumer, now gone are the days where your lost phone meant a frantic series of calls to the cab office you last used or someone at work to see if it's in your desk drawer.  Going one step further than consumers, a business using Blackberry enterprise can clearly find some value in knowing their employees whereabouts...  or is this too intrusive from your boss?  Either way... this is a genial concept. 

The next area of focus is great for those moments when your Blackberry wasn't where you left it... possibly nose-dived into the deepest darkest depths of your sofa without your knowledge.  Usually you'd have friends or family on hand and utter the immortal words; "call my phone", followed by a healthy dash from room to room, ears peeled in anticipation for that ringing to arouse your sense of direction. But when you've left your phone on silent this isn't going to offer much help.  Using the 'Loud Ring' function your phone will make a series of what we could only describe as "rings, hisses & bangs" which are turned right up to 11...  EVEN when you're phones set to silent. (providing you haven't played with your 'loud' profile settings)

The next option available to you in your 'arsenal against loss' allows you to leave a message for any person who may come in to contact with your handset, even if it's locked.  The message is displayed across your homescreen and can be anything you like from offering a reward, to instructions on how to get it back to you.  This offers a much greater possibility of you seeing your pocket sidekick again, you can make it clear  to whoever has it that the phone is worth more returned than it would be kept. 

Now if all else fails you can back-up your important information, contacts, messages etc., wipe your device of all sensitive or personal information and lock it until you can report it to your network provider as lost or stolen.  With the back-up option you can then restore your contacts etc. to a new device once you have it.  

So to sum up...  GET THIS APP! you'd be crazy not to considering it's FREE!  Please see the below screenshot for compatible handsets.

Any thoughts or questions on this guide, let us know through the eBay message platform.

Thanks for reading.

Mike @ mikeybbtrading

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