Blackberry Storm smart touch phone. Should you buy one?

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The screen   :     I have had my Blackberry storm since pretty much the release date. I had to send it back to vodafone because it was being slow but this always happens because big companies never test their products to the extent they should. My new Storm is much improved and now runs smoothly however it is not all perfect. As a teenager I love the touch screen however I know quite a few adults that have had troubles with this and find it too fiddley, they cannot get their heads around the fact that you can now hover and select using the same key whereas previous touch screen phones that they have experienced select no matter what. Obviously with the storm, the whole touch screen acts as an actual button. If you want to hover then you can lightly touch it however if you would like to select something, you have to click the whole touch screen down. This works well once you get used to it however as you can imagine it gets slightly tedious after a while.

Messaging (sms)   :     The text messaging on this device is great if in honest. When you read text messaging, as with previous Blackberry phones, you can read the whole conversation as oppose to just the individual messages. This is great as if saves you having to look through hundreds of texts looking for just one. Instead you can just go to SMS's,  look for the person who the message was from and look at the whole conversation - no problems! On most phones when you press send, it comes up with a display saying 'sending'. This does not happen with this phone, instead it sends the message in the background so you can continue with another application. The only downside to this is that if you change your mind as to if you would like to send the message at the last minute (after clicking the send button) there is not a lot you can do about it because usually by the time you have made it to the message to cancel it, it has already left your device.

Messaging (e-mail)    :     When vodafone told me that I would have to pay £5 extra a month for my e-mail I thought that I would not bother with that. I told them this and they offered to give me one months free trial, obviously I took them up on this deal and proceeded to set up my infamous Blackberry push e-mail function. I immediately loved this. Aunties that wanted to get in touch with be through e-mail could instantly and i could reply on the go. I sell quite a few things on eBay and this tells me when things have sold so I have always got an idea of how much postage I have to do when I get home. There really are so many advantages that I would never have thought of if that fantastic sales man hadn't have offered me the free trial that I would not have been able to capitalize otherwise. One more advantage of having the email on the go is that it gives you a download limit. This can not only be used for e-mailing but for other things which brings me onto my next section:

Internet Browsing    :    The Internet browsing is ok once you get to know the features. For example, when you double tap the screen it enlarges what you were clicking and when you actually press the screen you will open the hyperlink you are pressing. Sometimes it can get too fiddley and you just give up in the end and think to yourself that you will wait until you get home. Generally it is ok if you are looking up simple things like train times however I would not recommend doing more time consuming tasks such as listing items on eBay or writing an eBay guide!

Applications    :     The phone comes with various applications however the best ones are downloadable. Some of which you have to pay for however there are quite a few which are 100% free of charge. You can download themes, skins, games or just general applications such as vodafone find and go or google maps. I would not recommend just downloading everything just for the sake of having it for when you need it as the more applications you have on the phone, the slower it will become. Also, should you wish to get rid of them at a later date, they are very difficult and time consuming to remove. The games which come with the phone include Word Mole and Brick Breaker. Both of which are very simple games which are easy & fun to play. Both of these games can be played multiplayer with other Blackberry users which you may know. When you do so it is great however the battery will last around an hour total if you play constantly so keep this in mind.

Sat Nav    :     I have used the sat-nav a couple of times however as usual it is just for stupid stuff which you could have found your way there with a map. More just to test the phone. Once you get your destination into the application it is very straight forward and you get to choose between driving or walking which is useful. The directions are clear and the speaker is loud enough to hear what it is saying so you don't have to be looking at the screen whilst driving which is obviously illegal. Like the games, this application is great however it using the battery very rapidly and don't be expecting to drive long distances without it running out. You can get around this problem by purchasing a Blackberry Storm car charger for less than a fiver delivered to the UK.

Camera    :     The camera on this phone is OK (3mp). It works obviously and you can take the odd picture. Unlike other Blackberries this one has a video camera built in however the quality is questionable. Obviously if something is unmissable then it is worth getting out your phone camera but like all other phones with cameras, you are always better with an actual purpose built camera.



    In conclusion, if you are looking for a phone which looks the part, will impress people, is east to use and has all the features that you would ever want; This is the phone for you.

You will have to pay for it though!!!




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